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Ururguay vs. Costa Rica - disappointed fans and one happy sketcher

FIFA World Cup started a few days ago, and all boys in my family talking and thinking only about the games. Every evening we have a gathering in our house, accompanied by happy or angry noises, depends on results of the game ;) Last night I'd joined to my husband ( who was born in Uruguay) and my son -  when they went to cheer up the Uruguay team in local pizzeria called Celeste (Blue, like the Uruguayan flag).  It was so fun to watch from a side at this small but united community! The match started by singing the national anthem together with the team players, and all the fans continued to be very enthusiastic and exited. The first half's result was 1:0 to Uruguay. at the beginning of the match during the break    But the wind had changed in the second half - Costa Rica made their first goal. the second half had started I was watching how the mood of the fans was changing, even if they continued to cheer up their team. Here is the final sketch I did at the

Girls night out!

Last Thursday I had a great girls night out with my two friends-sketchers Aurore ans Irirt. We met at the flea market area at the old Jaffa. We strolled at the narrow streets full of small bars and coffee shops, which took out tables and chairs and turned streets to the one big party, crowded by chatting and laughing young people. Finally, we found for us a perfect place - on a side, a bit up, so we had a perfect view on everything. Beers and sea food were ordered and the waiter barely found place on our table loaded by sketching tools. We started with big collaborative sketch, it was so fun! After the warming up, we just dived into the surrounding and times flied so fast! At the some point group of girls that was sitting opposite us finally noticed that we are sketching them. They asked us to see the sketches and was shocked to see theirself drawn! They took photos of our sketches and asked us who we are and why we are doing it. It was very nice interaction! So, here is

Pictures from the expo

Our first exhibition  is going to close at the end of this week. Now it's time to take a breath. It was a great experience. Urban Sketching is something that turned over my second nature for the last 8 years, I can't imagine myself without a sketchbook and pencils in my bag, always ready to capture small and big moments, turning my regular life to a journey. When I've established almost 3 years ago Israel branch of USk , I didn't suspect to nothing, just to find some local sketchers to share with them my addiction. Now, after 22 Sketchcrawls, active blog , 680 members in constantly growing FB group ,  I can say we have a real community, where I met wonderful sketchers, and some of them turned to be my good friends! This exhibition gives an opportunity to peak into our sketchbooks. It built not by artists, but by geographical areas of Tel Aviv - city we sketched most, still open for a last few days until the 6.6.14. Thanks to everybody who made it happen, thanks to t