Ururguay vs. Costa Rica - disappointed fans and one happy sketcher

FIFA World Cup started a few days ago, and all boys in my family talking and thinking only about the games. Every evening we have a gathering in our house, accompanied by happy or angry noises, depends on results of the game ;)
Last night I'd joined to my husband ( who was born in Uruguay) and my son -  when they went to cheer up the Uruguay team in local pizzeria called Celeste (Blue, like the Uruguayan flag). 
It was so fun to watch from a side at this small but united community! The match started by singing the national anthem together with the team players, and all the fans continued to be very enthusiastic and exited. The first half's result was 1:0 to Uruguay.
at the beginning of the match
during the break 
 But the wind had changed in the second half - Costa Rica made their first goal.
the second half had started
I was watching how the mood of the fans was changing, even if they continued to cheer up their team. Here is the final sketch I did at the end of the match - you can see their sad and disappointed faces. The final result was 1:3 to Costa Rica :(
the bitter end
It isn't so nice to admit, but I think I was the only happy person at the end of the game - I had a lot of fun sketching all this action!
See you at the next football match!


  1. Great depiction and nice article. Love your drawings I love them all.

  2. נהדר..
    הם נראים חבורה מאד תרבותית, אחרת דגל איראן שתלוי מעל הראש היה עשוי להוסיף קצת אקשן לשרבוט :)

  3. Swasky, thanks a lot!
    גיא, הם אוהדים מתלהבים מאוד, לא כתבתי את כל הקללות שעפו באוויר כשאורוגוואי התחילה להפסיד...


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