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Drink&Draw sketchcrawl

I don't know who invited this perfect combination - Drink&Draw, if anybody. As my sketchbook is always in my bag, it's natural for me to pull it out at coffee shops and bars. These places are perfect for sketching - people are sunk in food and chatting and don't pay attention to the fact that they're turning to models ;) So summer heat forced us to move our sketchcrawl to the nigh time and we met at one of the restaurants at the Jaffa flea market - bubbly and fun place. It was a sketchcrawl in a bit different atmosphere - night lighting, a lot of noise and action around and... a bit of alcohol, which for me, personally, helps to "loosen up". It was so fun, perfect combination, looks like we are going to come back to "Drink&Draw" from time to time. the first sketch - before it got dark my fellow sketchers are busy and here some more

Picnic birthday

Yesterday my youngest daughter turned 9, time flies so fast! We had a fun day in Tel Aviv - going to a children's show, visiting an Art museum and having a picnic lunch. I wonder, what excuse I'll have to do all this "kid's stuff" when she'll grow up?