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The routine of difficult times

I hate politics and don't like to listen to the news. I always joke that if the news will be important enough, they will find their way to me. Unfortunately, now the news found me and I found myself surfing at the news sites all over the web, desperate to find the answer. Actually, I'm tired to think and speak about it. I just hope so much that this war will end as soon as possible, that both sides will find another language except the language of force to talk to each other, I do believe there is a way to live together side by side. You can say that sketching is a kind of escapism, but we all need to go on, so here they are, pieces of my routine. yesterday cease-fire on the beach playing games at home   everyday alarms get us everywhere and they are part of our routine...

London by kids - process of illustration

A few days ago I got a commission - cover illustration for the "Maslul ", supplement of Yediot Ahronot newspaper. The article was the review of London attraction by two Israeli kids. I wanted to give to the illustration the feeling of on-location sketch, but, of course, you never can get the spontaneity of a sketch in a based on reference illustration. Here are some sketches, few of them I used in the final illustration. the b&w sketch the final illustration It was my first experience of working with a daily newspaper, I was needed to work fast. Sometimes there is something good in a tight deadline - you don't have a time for a doubts :)

Home sweet home

Here are some recent sketches done without getting out of my home with my usual models - my children and their friends. When I'm sketching at home, I can choose any tools, it's easier to experiment and sometimes to try something less familiar. There is nothing like home :)

Hello my friend!

My friend Aurore went with her family to her homeland, France, for the rest of the summer.  I'm posting here some sketchers from my sketchbook I didn't upload - done during our last meetings. Aurore sketching in Sarona our last evening in Puah with Aurore and Irit Aurore says: "There is nothing better than bread with butter!" and I add: "and good friends :)" Already miss you, enjoy your vacation!

Hot Sketchcrawl in Old Jaffa

Summer is here and it isn't going to leave us for the next few months. People are hiding in air-conditioned places or at beaches and swimming pools, getting out at nights, when it starts to be cooler. You needed to be real sketchers for not give up and come to our last sketchcrawl in Old Jaffa. Bright blue sky and shinning white stones of the streets gave a strong contrast to everything. Heavy heat made the contrast look even stronger. Groups of tourists filled the square from time to time, and gave me a feeling that I'm traveling far away. But anyway, sketching takes me to the trip every time I open my sketchbook. We ended as usual in coffee shop with some drink and food and more sketching, of course!