Girls night out!

Last Thursday I had a great girls night out with my two friends-sketchers Aurore ans Irirt. We met at the flea market area at the old Jaffa. We strolled at the narrow streets full of small bars and coffee shops, which took out tables and chairs and turned streets to the one big party, crowded by chatting and laughing young people.
Finally, we found for us a perfect place - on a side, a bit up, so we had a perfect view on everything. Beers and sea food were ordered and the waiter barely found place on our table loaded by sketching tools. We started with big collaborative sketch, it was so fun!

After the warming up, we just dived into the surrounding and times flied so fast!
At the some point group of girls that was sitting opposite us finally noticed that we are sketching them. They asked us to see the sketches and was shocked to see theirself drawn! They took photos of our sketches and asked us who we are and why we are doing it. It was very nice interaction!

So, here is the perfect formula we'd discovered at this night: friends+beer+sketching=happiness!
Waiting for the next girls-out-night!


  1. I think you are one of the best illustrators out there. I love your work so much. Can't say enough good things about it.

  2. Tommy, thank you so much! really appreciate your opinion and always love your works!

  3. It’s really great to be here. I would love to visit your site every day. Steak

  4. Every weekend is a girl’s night out at my place. My friends and cousins come over to my place and we go out for parties. Last week it was my cousin’s birthday and so she booked an outdoor venue NYC for the party. It was beautiful lit and all of us had an amazing time.


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