Memories from Lisbon

I'm very excited - today I've got my copy of "Urban Sketchers in Lisbon" - the book that put together amazing experience 2nd Urban Sketchers Symposium. What a memories! I'm turning pages of the book and feeling again the energies of the symposium - sketching among more than 200 sketchers from all over the world. Finally meeting in person the people behind the sketches! Exploring together the beautiful city of Lisbon, chatting, eating together, switching tools and sketchbooks and, of course, sketching, sketching and sketching...
the book and my Lisbon sketchbook, opened on one of the sketches which is featured in the book.
The beautiful cover is a sketch of  Largo Camões by Frank Ching and the book is in Portuguese and English. It is available on amazon. 
Speaking about memories - here you can see more my sketches and some photos from the Symposium:

In these days we're waiting for an official announcement about the 3rd Symposium. Hope I'll be able to come this year again!
Come to Urban Sketchers blog for information or if you want "to see the world - one drawing at a time".


  1. This is a great memento! are there your sketches printed in the book too?

  2. I hope to see you in the 3rd one!!!!! :-) Great post!!!! Can't wait to get mine too.

  3. Alex, it is! and yes, there are some my sketches in the book too.

    Orling, yours is on its way over the ocean ;-) I hope very much I'll be able to come! (heard it'll be close to you ;-))


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