PrideSketchcrawl - sketching the Pride Parade Tel Aviv

I think that sketching at a Pride Parade is really a must experience for a sketcher!
I know it's incredibly hard – the colorful crowd doesn't stop moving for a moment. Every character screams: "Draw me!" Sounds and smells mixing with the colors... but it's such fun!
I arrived early and walked through the relatively calm but already very colorful Ben-Zion Boulevard. Chore on stage was singing their last rehearsal of"The Show must go on!". I sat down on the grass and sank into my first sketch.
By the time I had finished my sketch, the boulevard was filled with crowds and music. I moved to the meeting point to meet fellow sketchers who had come to the sketchcrawl. There was really no need to move - "models" just came to us and we had to be very fast and decisive! The sets of colorful markers in our hands looked like miniature pride flags :)

I'm already waiting for the next year!!!!


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