Trip to Bretagny - Part 2 - Ouessant island

The days of the festival passed fast and the morning after we found ourselves waiting for our boat to the Ouessant island. I knew nothing about the island - just that Lapin had visited and sketched there many times, and after we got there I understood why. They were unforgettable days - riding bicycles through Ouessant's breathtaking views, stopping, walking, observing, staring, napping, (some of us… swimming!) and... well, sketching a lot together. I will miss all this so much! Luckily, I have my "time in the bottle"  sketches that will remind me of those days!

sketchers on the rocks :)

Thanks to Lapin (and Lapinette) who made it happen - it was a really special experience! I miss you all, and thank you for your inspiration and laughter. I am so happy to get to know you better, and hope the next adventure will come soon!


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