Corona days diary

It was a strange and special period. Everything changed very fast, we were reading some news about the mysterious virus, people are dying from somewhere in China, nothing that can influence us, obviously... Little by little it get to us, borders get closed, our freedom of moving and going wherever we want were taken from us, until we found ourself in the total lockdown.
Usually I sketch almost everyday, so nothing especially changed in my creative routine, I didn't give myself corona challenges, and didn't learn new skills, just kept on sketching and painting.
Now, when we're getting back to normal, (still prepared to the second wave), it's nice to look back, so here they are: my corona-days sketches.
I think this is the first sketch I did considering the covid, we still weren't in the lockdown, but heard what's happening in  Europe, I posted this sketch in solidarity with our friends-sketchers who were already in the quarantine, calling out to sketch at home.
Day after, I went meeting my friends, Keren and Harriet, we set our meeting on the beach, hopping to be relatively isolated. When we arrived to the beach, we discovered that we weren't so original - the beach was crowded as if it were some holiday - people tried to use "safe" spaces to meet...
Day after we weren't allowed to go outside more than... 500m, 100m, until the total lockdown...
We entered to a strange routine, when time changed its dimensions, each day was alike the previous, but in some way I liked to be in this in-between space. I started new accordion format sketchbook and tried to fill it each time I could. So here they are - family meals and games around the table, fitness classes guided by my daughter, zoom sessions with my friends...

Looks like I'm going miss this time :)


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