Inktober 2021 - Musicians' portraits

This #inktober I decided to make for myself a challenge and also a treat – I created a list of musicians I like to create an everyday portrait of each one.

I love music. I love to draw human’s faces. To draw portraits of musicians I like seemed to me like a perfect task!

The tough thing about it was to do it everyday and to keep on! Some days I had higher energy and at some I didn’t have time or wasn’t in the mood. But little by little I started to get into the rhythm. I learned to be less demanding and perfectionist – I could allow myself to have one portrait less successful than another, because I had many others that were coming in the list.

And of course, the magic combination of drawing with music worked! Every day I had with me one of my favorite musicians, accompanying me everywhere and materializing at the end of the day to a couple of portraits.

I tried to push myself to the less expected, trying not to think about the result, but to get a new process. There are some portraits I invested a lot in and weren’t happy with the results, and in others I got nice finds almost by chance. This is a nice thing about a long-term project.

I had to skip drawing during two weekends, so I didn’t get to the end of my list and have some musicians left – will complete it one day, or maybe will draw them next inktober 😊

I'm posting here some of the portraits, if you want to see all the versions and also some process - go to my instagram and look for the #inktober 2021 hashtag.

Astor Piazzolla

Brad Mehldau

Buena Vista Social Club


Charles Mingus

Eli Degibri

Johann Sebastian Bach

Michael Nyman

Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky


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