Sketching live InDnegev 2021!

photo by Tomer Appelbaum

It's been two weeks since I returned from InDnegev - the annual indie music festival - where I was in the role of "Live Sketcher" for the third time! After two years of break due to Corona, the festival is back with double power. Every time again, it's so fun to dive into it - the community of Israeli indie music lovers, such a diverse family, including all ages and backgrounds and at the same time carefully filtered by the ... music. Three days passed in one moment, as soon as I arrived, music, like a tiny pieces of sand that are floating here in the desert, flew and filled every free space inside me. I wandered around for three days, armed by a sketchbook and pencils, trying to also absorb and flow, but at the same time also to filter and select - a tough task ... And again this magic of music and sketching worked like magic - the combination, synergy, one plus one is worth much more than two ..

I will let the drawings tell the rest. It was amazing! Thanks to the organizers of this stunning festival! And thank you to all the insanely talented musicians and for having the privilege of being with them for a bit and enjoying their music!

Go to inDsketchers  and check all the sketches that was done by me and my colleagues-sketchers, and also for the previous years festivals' sketches!
See you next year!


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