Sketching inDnegev

It was a magic weekend at inDnegev - festival of indie music in the Negev desert. We, Urban Sketchers, also a kind of "indie" - not really mainstream, something between artists, illustrators and storytellers, so the connection was natural. 
It was very fun for me to sketch the festival, not just the concerts and the musicians, but the whole phenomenon around us, a kind of very undefined, but on the other hand, a very consolidated community of people gathered around the institution that called inDnegev. The avant-garde sounds and the monotonous desert with the sandy wind blurring everything...
Beyond that - the sketches speak for themselves, mostly about people I've seen around me. It was great fun!

my first sketch - trying to capture the athmosphere

security guys are eating as well

Night falls and everything looks different

Many couples of lovers near the stage

These three boys asked me to draw them and stood in front of me without moving. "You can keep dancing" - I told them 

We sat on the hill and I wanted to make a panoramic sketch, to capture everything around me

I was lucky - Rotem from TheAngelcy sat opposite me - I sketched him and asked for the signature!

very cool photographer with very cool beard

Beautiful Shiran from Bint El Funk 

there were a lot of dancing as well

When I scanned all the drawings, I found that one was missing. Apparently someone took it from the stand where we hung up our sketches every day at the festival. Hope it's in good hands! Antigone Rex were awesome !!!!


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