My new Etsy shop is on!

It was a busy month, full of various events I'll tell about later.
Finally I had a little break and was able to set up my Etsy shop - something I wanted to try long ago.
I'm sketching on daily base and obviously have a huge amount of sketches done for no particular purpose.
I can talk non stop about why I sketch. When I started, it was almost physical need to move my fingers, the most accessible way to keep myself in shape for drawing. As time passed, sketching turned to be kind of obsession, part of my way of experiencing my daily routine. But most of all, sketching for me is a way to enjoy the pleasure of drawing for its own sake and a very fun way to go to a journey every day without travelling far. When I sketch I really observe the surroundings, watch what's happening, enter strangers' lives, and discover their stories.
I had doubts about offering my sketches for sell. I'm an illustrator working with clients and creating a lot of images on demand. I wanted to keep sketching being my "just for fun" part of my art. Hope it'll stay like this even if I'll let other people to purchase some prints of my sketches. I hope this way I will be able to share with other people my feelings, to show them my excitement from a scene I was sketching - a summer beach, street corner, and, of course, many different people and their stories!
So, here is my shop - you're very welcome to enter, to have a look and tell me if there are particular sketches you would like to see there in the future.
And feel free to tell about the shop to your friends ;)


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