Friday, December 29, 2017

Christmas in Vienna

Last weekend my sister and I spend a long weekend in Vienna - elegant, classical, and so artistic capital of Austria. So we tasted some Schiele, Klimt and Breigel. And some Mozart, Beethoven and Strauss. And apple-strudel for the dessert, of course! ;)
Here are some sketches I managed to "steal".
our first supper

beautiful concert in Mozart's house

having some drinks after the concert

my beautiful sister listening to the live singer in the bar

poor horses! I'm not sure they so happy to dance waltz...

I didn't dare to skate, but it was fun to watch!

charming small concert in our hotel, called "Beethoven" 

in the local jazz club "Porgy&Bess"

wonderful show by "Marina and the Kats" Marina and her band were just electrifying!
I wish I could sketch much much more! But still, it was so nice, and I have some taste for coming again!

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  1. !!!!!!! Your sketches are so fun and full of life. Thank you for showing them!