#oneweek100people2017- day five! (+bonus)

It was really no need in the fifth day, as I already had 144 people sketched! But it was Purim period and I couldn't help not to sketch some people in costumes.
The first sketch was done while eating falafel in "Falafel in Square" chain.

The second one - at the evening in my favorite "Thai House", celebrating with my family.

And here is the bonus sketch I did at the day of tomorrow passing at Rothschild boulevard In Tel Aviv.

So, my final score for the 5 days of challenge is 162 people! (not including the last Purim bonus)
It was fun to join to the plague and to feel a part of something big. I didn't do any special efforts to change my routine, but I do looked more for opportunities to sketch, what reminded me my hunger to sketch when I arrive to the new places, not to forget to be a constant tourist!


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