Sketches from the Red Sea

Yesterday we back from a 3 days family vacation in Eilat - the farthest place you can go to vacation in Israel. In our tiny country you can't really disconnect, only after driving for a 4 hours through the desert  surrealistic views, you can feel that you're in a different place.

I love the Red Sea surrounded by maroon mountains, its crystal turquoise water, with corals and colorful fishes. And always cloudless sky above it.
Eilat is a paradise for a sketcher - besides the beautiful nature, the city filled by colorful variety of people - locals and tourists, funny mixture of all from everywhere. I wish I could sketch everyone I wanted! 
But... here what I managed to capture between swimming, sunbathing and spending time with my family, of course!
extreme sport or massage?
first evening at La Cuccina - Italian food and wine
braids at the promenade
guitar player at the street
street artist - portraits for everyone 
catching sun
more sun catchers
waiting for the sea sport
diner american style - Barbis
Coral Beach - the most beautiful beach in Eilat 
couple at the Coral Beach
noodle bar

Fireball - one of the mos popular kind of the entertainment 
the last look on Eilat


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