Sunday, December 22, 2013

Sketchcrawl at Bialik Square

It was very sunny Saturday after very stormy week. We met for our month Sketchcrawl at Bialik Square - Tel Aviv's one of the most iconic public spaces. We filled out the square, serving one of its attractions to the coming and going groups of tourists ("look, here is a group of artists that are drawing the square!")
The square is rounded by some of the best examples of the Bauhaus and Modernist buildings, so an architecture lovers had a plenty of subjects to sketch. The pond in the middle of the square, with its beautiful plants and golden fishes was another nice point of view to take. 

I started from these two gouache sketches, which was done from the border of the pond.

 At the end I couldn't resist not to sketch some of my fellow sketchers :)
Daniel and Reuven
Nathan is sketching Reuven
 Cant't wait to meet our always growing and renewing gang of sketchers next time!

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