Rothschild corner of Herzel

We set our last sketchcrawl at Rothschild corner of Herzel - the South part of Rothschild Boulevard, one of living arteries of Tel Aviv. I came there few days before to check the spot. Started from a cup of coffee at fancy DaDa&Da - all these small tables facing boulevard and a lot of French speakers at the background (because of closeness of the French Institute) made me feel that I'm sitting at Champs Elysees.

After that I walked down the Herzel street, looking for something less fancy and more authentic. Finally, I found a bench from which I could capture a view to the street with iconic Shalom Tower on the background and all the colorful mess of people, smells, colors and noises in front of me.
 Here are sketches from the different places at Rothschild Boulevard - looking so different depends on point of view.
people waiting for the green light - challenging to capture

elder couple were sitting in front of me and sunken into drinking coffee and chatting without noticing me sketching them

lonely fountain - very calm in contrast with the colorful street
 It was beautiful day, beautiful weather and great company as well!


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