Old buttons shop

The last illustration I did for the column in "Hapinkas" was for a song about an old buttons shop. The hero of the column - a little boy, discover an old buttons shop, peak inside and  see very old lady over the counter, that looks a bit like a magician with boxes full of spells and magics behind her. There is something nostalgic and magic in buttons for me also. I'm still keeping at home my grandma's old wooden box full of color buttons, everyone in different shapes and materials. They remind me my childhood, and still seem to me as a box full of treasure!
sketch of the Buttons' Lady
one of the sketches
the final illustration
 I wish you to find some magic in everyday life!


  1. Love how you keep the freedom and fresh in the final work. Very difficult, I think. The old woman is amazing with her buttons. ;D

    1. thanks a lot, Inma! I'm always trying to keep the freshness of sketch in the final work, and I still need to work on it, so I'm very happy that you like it!


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