Purim - sketching the carniaval

Every year when Purim comes, my fingers start itching - I'm thinking about all these wonderful opportunities to sketch during various carnivals that we have at this holiday. It's very fun, but very challenging and sometimes frustrating. There are so many wonderful stories on the street - proud parents, that were waiting for an opportunity to dress their kids with costumes, even if them only a few mouth old; teenager girls dressed very sexy - finally it's allowed officially; teenager boys that cut and dyed their hair in extremely weird ways; old people trying to be cool and wearing very strange stuff... and so on. I wish my fingers could move as fast as my eyes, but they don't. So majority of funny stories will be left in my memory, here are some I succeed to capture. Here's the first sketch that I drew before the carnival began, you can see the security guys guarding the closed street and people waiting:

I continued sketching in a small sketchbook, trying to catch first the essence of the character.

Here I put the least of them all together in a one long spreed - thought it fit the atmosphere of a carnival:

I was very concentrated sketcher ;-)
How's about your experience of sketching people in action?


  1. I admire how you can capture so much life with so few strokes. Only spots and fast lines are so vivid people and attitudes. Your way of drawing everyday moments have the freshness of children's drawings. I have to learn how to do this in Barcelona. I hope to be in your workshop.

  2. Dear Inma, you're the master of quick and expressive sketches for me! Thanks a lot for your generous words, it'll be honor to see you in our workshop. And this time I hope not to miss yours, of course! It's going to be so fun!

  3. Lovely drawings! I´m looking forward to meet you both Marina and Inma in your Barcelona workshops. Can´t wait. :)


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