Fun day in Tel Aviv

Yesterday my youngest daughter and me spent a day in Tel Aviv for errands and some fun. This city with its fast pace, mixes of styles and colors gives me always so much opportunities for sketching. It seems like I can find what to sketch in its every corner and it never bore me!
I did the first sketch at Magen Daviv Square - one of the busiest places in Tel Aviv, at the entrance to the Carmel market and Nachalat Binyamin pedestrian street. People crossing the square all the time, rushing to make their shopping, coming back with full bags, resting, waiting, eating... It's not easy to concentrate, you need to filter the reality and decide what to put on paper, otherwise you'll be lost.

We've continued to a more calm Nachalat Binyamin street and rested at on of the coffee shops, wher I did these sketches:

It was really fun day!


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