Friday, August 30, 2013

Quiet and boring Ra'anana - is that so?

Usually I have much more motivation to pull out my sketchbook  in Tel Aviv or Jerusalem, where I always feel like a tourist. But actually, sketchbook helps me to feel like a tourist in the city I live for the last 20 years, know so well all its corners, and looks like there is nothing special about it.
Here are sketches I drew in Ra'anana during the August, all of them done between running errands and I didn't choose the spots. 
I've always liked this small city, but drawing it is definitely the way to fall in love with it!


  1. Boring!!! You make it so intereseting that if it is true the Raanana villagers must to say thank you to you!!!

  2. You show such life in your drawings. They are delightful.

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