Friday, August 23, 2013

Sketchcrawl at Tel Aviv port

Last Friday our Israel USk group met for sketchcrawl at the Tel Aviv port. Hot August days, melting everything on their's way, didn't leave us much choice, we needed to meet at some air conditioned place. We set our meeting at a coffee shop inside of a big book store, but very soon our group dared to get out and occupied a pretty big space under umbrellas near tables. I brought some materials and stories to share from the Barcelona Symposium. I knew it was an impossible mission, but I wanted so much to share a bit of that incredible atmosphere, enthusiasm, and feelings we had at BCN.
Then we started to warm up by sketching each other.
Nathan and Reuven sketching
After warming up, we spread over the port. I was encouraging people to go sketching to the port market, after getting inspired by colorful La Boqueria, where Ea's and my workshop took place:

At the end, as usual, we gathered together to share our sketches, more chatting and the final photo:

Waiting for the next sketchcrawl!

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