Amazing Thailand - part 2 - Bangkok

After two weeks at the beautiful Thai islands, we've arrived to Bangkok for the last 4 days of our trip. We've already absorbed "Far East" atmosphere, but Bangkok is the most extreme place, where all the contrasts get stronger. Of course, we tasted some touristic sites of the city - the Royal Palace, beautiful temples, colorful markets. There is a lot places to see, which left for me not so much time for sketching.
So, I was more than happy to take half a day "off" from my family and to join hospitable Bangkok USk group. The meeting was organized by my friend Pramote and it was so fun to sketch together with the group, which took me to non-touristic places, so I could to feel a little bit of real local atmosphere! Thank you all for the great day!
our first point - sketching Wat Traimit
capturing some of the sketchers as well on the sprayed by Pramote page
having the most delicious meal at China Town - I miss this food! 
my family joined and my husband had a very nice conversation with Pramote
entering to the Chinese Temple
What can I say? I miss Thailand, I miss Bangkok, I miss you, dear friends!
You can see on flickr  the entire Thai sketchbook.


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