Singapore USk Symposium - part 3 - A Collective Reportage

I owe to myself one last post about Singapore USk Symposium. Unfortunately, I din't have a time to take many workshops, because all my mornings I was busy by teaching. The only one that I managed to take, was Simo Capecchi's "A Collective Reportage" workshop. I'm interested a lot in reportage and storytelling aspect of urban sketching, and it was a long time I wanted to take Simo's workshop, one of the specialists of reportage drawing.
It was very interesting to hear Simo's introduction, in which she told about different approaches to the reportage drawing and showed a lot of examples - her own sketches and also other artist's works. Then our mission was defined and we went to make our reportage about the Chinese Temple at Waterloo Street.
I had with me my self-made accordion sketchbook, which construction dictated me the character of my reportage - repetitive compositions, with minimal texts, capturing all kind of people - vendors, temple servers, security guards, and, of course, the prayers.

It was a great experience, the small conclusions and comprehensions will continue to drop-down in my mind all the time, while I'm sketching.
I miss Singapore and its terrific atmosphere, but all this great experience will continue to echo inside me!


  1. Wow! such expressive sketches! and love your DIY accordion sketchbook too :)

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