Memories from Manchester

One of the biggest questions I asked myself while packing tools for the Manchester USk Symposium trip was which sketchbook to take. I decided to prepare an accordion sketchbook - format I love, but use for special occasions only. This format allows to tell stories in continuations, as if invites you to build narratives. So here it is - two-sided accordion from Manchester and London - some great memories from such a great trip!
It's almost impossible mission - to find the right balance between sketching, socializing, teaching, travelling... I wish I could sketch all I experienced, saw, felt.. Sometimes I felt greedy - "if I only could sketch this building/view/person!", and forced myself to put the sketchbook aside and to enjoy the moment without sketching it. So, here it is, the rest will remain in my memory.

You can see my entire sketchbook on Flickr.


  1. Fabulous collection of memories. I can get almost as excited as you looking through this ....... and I wasn't even there!!

  2. So nice to see your sketches! So lively catching the scene. Thank you for your workshop in Manchester. I had a great time.

  3. Great! I'd like to be friends with you!)

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