Music and souvenirs from the childhood near Cinematheque Tel Aviv

So, at our last Sketchcrawl we had: December's gentle sun, unexpected Jazz festival, vintage flea market, coffee shop across the street, great company of sketchers - old friends and newcomers, all injected by the same germ of sketching. Could it be better?
Wonderful street musician was playing beautiful songs at the entrance to the flea market. I set down on the ground and started to sketch, feeling like I'm inside the movie with the beautiful soundtrack. 
great street musician near the flea market

I passed between the stands of the market and stooped near the stand selling Soviet souvenirs. There were pioneer badges, exactly as I had when I was a kid! The seller approached me, I spoke to him in Russian, and he started to show me his goods: "All my badges are original, I also have medals from the WW2, they are great presents for the Novi God (New Year)!" I asked if I can draw him. " No! No!" he answered . "Why? I draw very nice!" - I showed him my sketchbook. "Yes, but I don't want to stand still." - he said. "you don't need to, don't worry" - I calmed him down and got the approval to draw him. "There is not enough people arrive here..." - complained the seller. "What is your name?" - I asked. "Boris" - he answered. "Nice to meet you. I'm Marina. I'll promote you in my blog!" - I promised. So here, I fulfill it. Please come to the Boris' stand at the Vintage Flea market at Tel Aviv! ;)
Boris sells Soviet souvenirs at the market
some characters at the square

player and listeners
As usual, time flew up so fast, I need to come back to this area!


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