Amsterdam - pre Symposium

Trying to assume such a huge experience, as an Urban Sketchers Symposium is not an easy mission. It was my 6th one, and being a part of this organization from the beginning - 10 years round - adds to the whole feeling something epic. It feels strange to think that 10 years ago keeping a sketchbook was very individual and lonely activity, and today I can share my intimate experience of sketching with my big world family anytime I wish it! I remember my first Symposium in Lisbon, the shock of meeting in person virtual friends I felt I knew so well by following their sketches!
Amsterdam Symposium was really a wonderful one, it has everything and even more! The magic of meeting old friends-sketchers and continuing conversations we started a year ago as it was yesterday. Being privileged to be one of the instructors, teaching groups of enthusiastic sketchers from all over the world. Making new friends. Drinking and drawing. Exchanging sketchbooks. And drawing again. And all this in beautiful, welcoming, even if a bit too hot ;) Amsterdam!
Enough words, I'll let the sketches to tell the rest :)
I arrived a few days before the Symposium, so I had a chance to taste a bit the city, before the madness begins ;)
First Drink&Draw with Suhita, Liz, Shari, Caroline and Cecilia:

One of the days Suhita and I lead the PeopleMania! workshop on the beach - something we were talking about for a long time and finally my dream to teach together came true - it was SO fun!

I also used these days to check my Symposium workshop location - Waterlooplein Market. These two sketches were donated later to the Silent Auction:
More sketches of people and places:

Will be continued!


  1. Your Sketches amaze me. I would LOVE to see how you work. Any chance of a video of your process? Keep it up Marina!

    1. Thank you, Louis! Sorry, I don't have a video of my process, but anyway, I don't have solid process, each time trying to fit it to the sketch. Keep on sketching and experimenting!


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