Amsterdam - Urban Sketchers Symposium 2019

I'm continuing to tell about my trip to Amsterdam, here is the first post.
Symposium days started from faculty meeting (many hugs and kisses) and trip to the Royal Talens factory (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, sketchers' version ;))
Next three days were crazy and exciting marathon of teaching. My workshop "Face to Face" was dedicated to capturing urban portraits and took place at the Waterlooplein Market - great place with plenty of various faces!
Wonderful symposium volunteers' team took care of every tiny detail. Even of weather, but maybe a bit too much, because Symposium days were really hot!
Heat of close to 40C doesn't disturb fearless and enthusiastic participants - they all did wonderful, trying out different approaches, getting out of comfort zone and capturing a lot of stories by human faces!

It was so nice to share the location with two of my favorite sketchers-instructors, who fancy people sketching and storytelling as well - Suhita Shirodkar and Rita Sabler.
Here are some sketches i did as a quick demos during the workshop:

And couldn't not to sketch the Chief - a hero of the market:

Here are some more sketches I managed to do in between the workshops:

 And how without the traditional portrait duel with my love, Inma Serrano!

More portraits of my friends, more drink&Draws and... it was over!!!! :(
Zoe Lewis
Len Grant
helping Richard Briggs to do tape sketch!!!!
cooling out at the Rembrandt Place
the reporters team

the last Drink&Draw
Huge thanks to wonderful and crazy group of people who make this event happen! I miss you all so much!!!!
Will be continued....


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