5th sketchcrawl in Meir Park

Last Saturday our Israel group of Urban Sketchers went to Meir Park - small and elegant garden in the center of Tel Aviv. Urban parks - very comfortable place for sketching. There is a lot of subjects, and everyone can find what he prefers.  Meir Park has it all: trees, grass, trails, playgrounds, even a large fish pond decorated with beautiful water flora, buildings and coffee shops around, and, of course, a lot of people: families with children, dog owners and their dogs, elderly persons and their carers and so on...


  1. Love, really love your work Marina. The first one is my favorite. Could not have better expressed that scene.

    1. thanks a lot , Inma! the markers I used in the first sketch are pretty cool, always makes a nice expression ;-)

  2. אחד אחד נפלאים וכולם יחד עוד יותר


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