The Art of Urban Sketching - the book!!!

Last week I saw many posts from my fellows urban sketchers - one by one receiving the book. Finally it arrived here as well! I have to say that after all this expectation I was highly excited to hold this beautiful book in my hands! I didn't have time to read it properly yet, but from a quick leafing I can say that "The Art of Urban Sketching" is a real treasure full of tips and surprises. And, of course, I'm very proud that my sketches are part of it in a very respected company! Here are pages featuring my sketches beside my original sketches:

Being urban sketcher allows me to get out to a journey every day without leaving my town. Now, thanks to this book, I'm going to travel over 50 cities all over the world! Special thanks to Gabi Campanario who puts all this stuff together!
The book is available on Amazon and it's must book for all sketching-on-location lovers!


  1. рассматривая эту красивую серьезную книжку, начинаю мечтать о своем. скетчбук так уютен. и так хочется его листать. было бы интересно создать такую книгу-скетчбук. с рисунками разных людей. ведь подобное рисование сродне экстремальному спорту. у него свой формат

    1. "экстремальному спорту" - ето точно! насчет издания своей - их не мало таких книжек-скетчбук. с другой стороны у них есть свой рынок.

  2. love it !! I've got this book recently ! it's fantastic !!

  3. looks beautiful, I hope you bring it with you next week :)

  4. wow....what an awesome art. . .keep it up . . .I love your post. . .
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