To draw from an imagination

Last week my youngest daughter was sick, so we spent a lot of time at home doing various activities, among others - drawing together. As I used to, I was drawing from observation, when my daughter, of course, was drawing "from the head". At some point she told me: "Mom, stop drawing by looking, draw from your imagination!" It wasn't easy at all!

Here are some sketches I did while waiting with my daughter for a doctor.

For some reason the coffee shop area was full of old ladies
Take care of yourself and keep on drawing!


  1. This post is really interesting. I have just drawn people waiting for the doctor too, but for me... (I just wrote this post on my blog ;D)

  2. WOW Really beautiful! I'm always at the same point, trying to balance life and imagination.

  3. Very interesting. I've been thinking about drawing from imagination lately too. I even bought a book on how to do it! Oh, I do envy children!

  4. Thank you, Jan! we can learn from children a lot, indeed! What book did you buy?


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